Away3D Typescript Training at Devgamm

The Away Foundation is pleased to announce the first training day for Away3D Typescript will be held in Kiev as part of the annual Devgamm conference.

The one-day workshop will take place on the 6th December, the day before Devgamm. Cost is currently only $25 for the entire day, but hurry as these early-bird tickets will sell out quickly! The following is a short description of the planned agenda.

This intensive one day course is the perfect primer for anyone interested in expanding their realtime 3D capabilities natively in the browser. We’ll start with an introduction to Typescript, the new web language designed for building rich web apps that should be familiar to anyone with Actionscript experience.

Installation and setup of the Away3D.ts framework will be covered in detail, providing an accessible API for creating smooth & performant 3D graphics with modern WebGL-enabled browsers. We’ll look at basic 3D geometry / texture creation as well as more complex movement and interaction capabilities.

Practical tips for external assets import and use will be demonstrated, navigating some of the more common gotchas of 3D programming. We’ll finish the day with a look at workflow methods for Away3D content, using the freely available Away Builder tool to prepare and import more complex scenes into an Away3D Typescript project.

The course is aimed at developers and code-oriented designers interested in creating their first 3D applications in Away3D Typescript. For a full breakdown of the day as well as ticket ordering, please visit our eventbrite page.

If you are attending Devgamm, you will also get a chance to hear about the planned future for Away3D Typescript and the potential of WebGL at Rob’s Devgamm presentation on the 7th. Hope you can make it!


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