The Away Foundation is supported and driven forward by its members. These are organisations or individuals who work with The Away Foundation in areas of development, strategy, funding, corporate support, community support and marketing. All members get to vote on policy, participate in annual meetings, and advertise their membership status. The structures and hierarchies found within The Away Foundation’s membership scheme are as follows:


Work to fulfill the mission statement of The Away Foundation by fostering strategic alignment, seeking out areas of integration, and overseeing the decision-making process for moving forward the development and maintenance of all Away Foundation software projects. The director’s role is unpaid, although further contributions as a paid team member in areas of development, project management etc are permitted.



Take responsibility for the day-to-day operation of individual projects within The Away Foundation, carrying out agreed work strategies in the areas of development, education, testing, infrastructure and community management. Team members are eligible for payment around their agreed areas of contribution, although many involve themselves in unpaid extra work around personal areas of interest.



Provide invaluable support to the core teams in areas of development, documentation, tutorials and other related support material. Contributors are usually individuals in the community who have an interest in the work we do and are keen to help us achieve more. There is nothing more valuable than a person’s free time, and contributors are most generous to The Away Foundation in that regard.



Companies or individuals whose interests lie in fostering the innovation and potential of non-profit community-facing organisations. Their contributions benefit the continuing activities of The Away Foundation, and can be in the form of sponsorship, design & development resources, software resources or public endorsements and support.