Away Foundation Partners are companies or individuals who support us in what we do, and whose interests lie in fostering the innovation and potential of non-profit community-facing organisations. Their contributions benefit the continuing activities of The Away Foundation, and can be in the form of sponsorship, design & development resources, software resources or public endorsements and support.

Strategic Partners

Organizations that view The Away Foundation as a strategic platform for their own community relations, platform agendas and long-term goals. They facilitate the continued growth and maintenance of Away Foundation software resources through regular financial and / or developer investment.


Enterprise Partners

Organizations that view Away Foundation software as an important part of their own product strategy, and participate in the development and / or sponsorship of Away Foundation resources that directly benefit their own products and services.


Associate Partners

Organisations that approve of the work done by The Away Foundation in the wider web community, and wish to show their endorsement and support of free, open source software initiatives.