Open Exhibits partner with the Away Foundation


Open Exhibits is a free, multitouch software initiative for museums, education, nonprofits and students. Using either Adobe Flash or Adobe AIR, users can create interactive kiosk applications for any kind of exhibit.

The latest release of the Open Exhibits software includes the ability to define and manipulate 3D objects quickly and easily through the OE Player, via a custom markup language called CML. Ideum, the company behind Open Exhibits, worked with The Away Foundation to integrate an Away3D view into version 3.0 of the Open Exhibits SDK, in order to provide an easy path for importing and manipulating 3D models.

Open Exhibits join the Away Foundation as an Enterprise Partner, and the two organisations will continue to work together on 3D features for the OE Player and SDK. You can read more about the partnership at The Away Foundation partners page.

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