Away3D Typescript training at Degamm Moscow

The Away Foundation is pleased to announce a second training day for Away3D Typescript will be held in Moscow as part of the annual Devgamm conference.

The previous training held in Kiev in December last year was a blast, and we now hope to repeat this success in slightly warmer climes 😉

Away3D TypeScript Workshop

The one-day workshop will take place on the 17th May, the day after Devgamm. Cost is currently only $100 (£66) for the entire day, but hurry as these early-bird tickets are in limited supply!

The agenda follows a similar pattern to our previous training sessions, with full details along with payment options found on our eventbrite pageLocation is at the Neuron Hackspace in central Moscow.

Our presenter Rob Bateman will also be giving a talk about Away3D Typescript at Devgamm Moscow as part of the conference, alongside a selection of great speakers from around the globe. More details can be found here.


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