The Away Foundation at Multi Mania

The Away Foundation at Multi Mania

Multi Mania is a conference now in its 14th year, that brings together some of the best creative technologists from around the world for two days of presentations on design, developement and entrepreneurship. We are pleased to announce that Rob Bateman will be speaking on some of the latest work being done at The Away Foundation for the native web.

The conference is free for all attendees, and attracts some 2000 professionals & students to Kortrijk Belgium every year – this year from 19-20th May.

We’ll be talking about some of the new libraries currently in development that build on the abilities of Away3D, making them the perfect path for those interested in taking their first steps in GPU accelerated native web applications & games. The presentation is called Introducing AwayJS, and you can find out more by reading the second day schedule here.

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