Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners are organizations that benefit greatly from the proliferation and use of Away Foundation tools and software. These organizations want to create lasting connections with Away Foundation activities, through the integration of their own communities, tools and software platforms. Being a Strategic Partner allows organizations to be part of the evolution of Away Foundation software.

Strategic Partners are organisations that will:

  • Express widespread public support for The Away Foundation and approval of relevant Away Foundation software resources through official public channels.
  • Provide significant developer resources and / or financial contributions towards the open source tools and software of The Away Foundation.

Strategic Partners are entitled to:

  • A representative on The Away Foundation board of directors allowing them influence over the strategic direction, themes and priorities of The Away Foundation.
  • Assistance with integration of Away Foundation software into their own tools and resources, as well as the creation and maintenance of relevant support material.
  • Formal recognition as a Strategic Partner, visible on The Away Foundation’s online presence and relevant software resource sites.

The annual terms of sponsorship for Strategic Partners is based on company size and influence, and is negotiable through the Away Foundation membership program.

Stategic Partner Listings