Scoreoid offers Away3D developers extended freemium package

Today we are pleased to announce that The Away Foundation has a new associate partner with Scoreiod, an online backend service for gaming. To show their suppport, Scoreoid are offering an extended freemium package to Away3D developers who are looking for a non-restrictive, reliable and easy to use platform for games.

With Scoreoid you can easily create saved games for your players and advanced leaderboards, game achievements, in-game notifications and more, managing your data across multiple platforms and from anywhere in the world. To get you started, Scoreiod offers built in filters and custom options for each platform your game uses.

As part of their commitment to open source communities, Scoreoid are offering Away3D developers an extended Scoreoid freemium package, which includes the following:

  • Game limit set to 8 (up from 5)
  • Player limit set to 60,000 (up from 40K)
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Early access to new features, start with our new cloud storage
  • X1 for push notifications (coming soon)

Developers who take advantage of the offer while it is running are not subject to any time limit on the extensions Away3D allows. The current offer is set to run until the end of September 2013.

In order to receive your Away3D extensions:

For more information on the partnership, visit

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