Stepping into the 3rd Dimension with Away3D 4.0

Stepping into the 3rd Dimension with Away3D 4.0

Deep dive into the world of 3D in Flash with help from the popular open source library Away3D. Discover how to harness the GPU-accelerated world of Stage3D and create beautifully detailed 3D games and application running in Flash Player 11 and Adobe AIR 3.2.

This intensive two day course is the perfect progression for anyone interested in expanding their ActionScript knowledge into the 3rd dimension. You’ll learn how to code a 3D Flash interface, adding interaction, animation and asset loading, all from within the Away3D framework. Tips for performance optimising and scene management will be covered in detail, along with some fun things to do with 3D when used in combination with other ActionScript libraries, such as augmented reality and physics simulation. You’ll also discover the best way to integrate Away3D with other Stage3D-enabled libraries, such as Starling.

Details of the necessary workflows and accompanying tools for asset creation and optimisation will be explored, with the help of Away3D-based application Prefab3D. You’ll be shown how to export files in the optimised AWD format, load and preview scenes and animations, and setup your projects for both online and mobile publishing. Attendees with compatible Android or iOS devices will be able to test the results on their own handset or tablet setups.

The course is aimed at developers and code-oriented designers looking to expand their 3D skills in Flash & AIR. A basic knowledge of 3D will be necessary to get the most out of the material presented.

Presented by Rob Bateman



1. Library setup & hello world
– Environment setup
– Downloading and installing the source
– Installing example applications
– Running and viewing results

2. Away3D framework basics
– View3D, Scene3D, Camera3D
– Mesh, Geometry, Material
– Primitive 3D shapes

3. Interaction
– 3D mouse events
– Entity controllers
– Tweening in 3D space.

4. Shading
– Default material methods
– Creating and positioning lights
– Applying and managing texture maps
– Adding custom material methods

5. Models & animation
– File loading
– Asset management
– Format choices
– Animation types

6. Optimising tips & tricks
– Filesize optimisations
– Memory optimisations
– Speed optimisations

7. Prefab3D
– Installation and operation
– Load and preview
– Format conversion
– Pre-processing effects

8. Publishing for AIR runtime
– AIR 3.2 setup
– Debug on desktop
– Debug on iOS and Android

9. External library integration
– Augmented Reality
– Physics Simulation
– Starling


– The cost of this 2 days training is £230 + VAT (£276).
– This includes lunch.


All attendees with require
– Their own laptops.
– A copy of Flex Builder 4.5 or FDT 5.0.
– A copy of Prefab (download here).
– Introductory or intermediate level knowledge of Actionscript 3.0.
– A basic knowledge 3D.


Date: 23rd-24th August 2012 ( 23/08/2012 – 24/08/2012 )
Times: 10:00 – 18:00 (doors open at 09:30)
Venue: Leroy House, 436 Essex Road, N1 3QP (click for map)
Tube: Highbury / Angel


– To book a place on this course please contact training AT
– Maximum 14 attendees.


More info on our training philosophy can be found here

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